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March 21, 2018

Renee Davis: What Public Allies Means to Her

Renee Davis: What Public Allies Means to Her

Renee never stops pushing towards improvement, whether in herself, her career, or her community. Outside of the Public Allies program, Renee runs her own real-estate agency and plans to continue her education. With the goal of having all Allies employed or enrolled in school within 90 days of graduation, this year’s Public Allies program is doing all it can to encourage success along the PA “Pathways.” Renee, always a go-getter, selected the Career and Education Pathway. “I chose both because I really enjoy learning and educating myself in a structured format,” she says, “but I also love the education I receive from work experiences. Some of the best learning experiences I’ve had so far in my life came out of working with different people in different environments.”

Renee has many post-graduation plans. One of the most important ones for her is to contribute to the growth of urban neighborhoods, particularly through homeownership. Through her work with Near East Area Renewal, or NEAR, Renee has helped rejuvenate the lower-income neighborhoods on the east side of Indianapolis. But while she enjoys serving with NEAR, Renee wants to make a more personal impact. After graduation, Renee plans to purchase a home in the neighborhood where she grew up.

Thanks to the Public Allies program, Renee has learned much about herself and those she hopes to serve. “I think the 3 most important things I will take away from this experience will be: an asset-focused lens, greater sense of self and how other people see and receive me, and the value in taking time to know and understand people. These things have changed my whole attitude about life and work environments in 5 months, I can’t wait to see what else changes in the last five months.”