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September 25, 2017

PA Core Retreat Helps Kick-off Their Journey

Vicki Rubio

For Public Allies Indianapolis, September means Core Retreat. Core Retreat is the time of year where the new class of Allies come together to learn more about what it means to be an Ally and bond as a team. There are a few key parts to Core Retreat including Life Maps, the Assets Scavenger Hunt and team building activities.

Life Maps are a Public Allies tradition where Allies and staff share their leadership journeys and what brought them to Public Allies. This year’s Assets Scavenger Hunt took place in Holliday Park and the neighborhood around the College Avenue Branch Library. Allies started off in Holliday Park searching for assets that were hidden around the park, encompassing things like a vacant lot and a neighborhood school. Then they explored the Meridian Kessler neighborhood to look for real-life assets. The goal of this activity is to get the Allies to think different about what are considered assets in a community. The Allies also participated in team building activities at Jameson Camp, where they had to work together to make it across a river of lava and learn to trust each other so they could do the Flying Squirrel!

With Core Retreat over, the Allies are ready to take on their term and make an impact in the organizations and communities they will be serving!


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