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October 3, 2014

Discovering Community Power: A Guide to Mobilizing Local Assets and Your Organization's Capacity

Strengthening Your Proposal – And Your Organization – By Connecting With Community Assets

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is very interested in proposals that both improve the community and strengthen the applicant organization. Our experience indicates that proposals which connect with and engage a wide range of community resources are more effective than those which involve only the staff of the lead organization. We are also convinced that non-profit organizations are much more powerful community actors when they are not exclusively focused on needs, problems, and deficiencies but are effectively connected to the resources, or assets, of the local community.

This document will help any organization:

  1. Strengthen its own organization by enhancing connections with the community’s assets.
  2. Strengthen the community by investing in the community’s assets.
  3. Strengthen current and future community based projects, activities, and proposals.

Download the free PDF to find local resources and partners to help bring about comprehensive neighborhood development.

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