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April 11, 2022

INRC Program Alumni Spotlight: Linda Phipps


Story by: Holden Hartle, INRC Public Relations Intern

When asked to talk about her time in ICBI training, Linda Phipps simply stated, “Anyone that is in a neighborhood that doesn’t know about these guys – it’s their loss.”

Phipps first got involved with her neighborhood in the late 80s. According to her, at the corner of 62nd and Keystone, the current home for a Walgreens, a Marsh supermarket was in the works. Phipps and others in her community disagreed with what the supermarket was planning to do to the neighborhood, so Phipps started a grassroots mobilization effort to kick them out. They went from door to door not only to raise awareness around the issue but to raise the money so they could afford to hire an attorney. 

When asked about the importance of this kind of empowerment, Phipps said, “I think just the power of people speaking up and fighting for what they felt was right and fair.”

Phipps is in the process of spreading this kind of empowerment to her own community of Dawnbury. The small community just outside Broad Ripple received an influx of residents in the 70s and 80s. Over time, these residents have moved on, and now younger generations have taken their place within the community.

Trying to establish a mobilization effort for anything has become difficult for Phipps in large part due to COVID-19. According to Phipps, the pandemic has made communication to her community exceedingly difficult.

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