Supporting Neighborhoods

INRC employs three integrated strategies that focus upon developing community assets, encouraging and empowering local and diverse leadership, promoting collaboration, and strengthening neighborhood-based organizations:

Indianapolis Community Building Institute (ICBI). This leadership development program, designed for grassroots community leaders, is a series of workshops focusing on the skills needed to build and grow dynamic neighborhoods. INRC also offers topical and site-based training sessions, bringing resources to neighborhoods to help residents develop the skills they need to lead and create positive change.

Technical Assistance and trainings. To meet the specific priorities of neighborhood groups, INRC provides organizational assessments, trainings, and offers customized technical assistance including neighborhood visioning, referrals, project consultation, asset mapping, coaching and meeting facilitation.

AmeriCorps Public Allies Indianapolis. INRC serves as the Local Operating Partner for AmeriCorps Public Allies Indianapolis. Public Allies is an AmeriCorps service program that strengthens communities and nonprofits by providing leadership development to local, diverse young leaders who are placed with Indianapolis not-for-profits, helping build organizational capacity.

Our vision of the future is one where everyone plays an important part. When empowered leaders build strong communities, and strong communities begin to connect, collaborate, and lift-up surrounding neighborhoods – we envision A Better City for all of Indianapolis.

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