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Public Ally - Maria

Meet an Ally

Hi! I am Maria Keathley and am grateful for serving my 3rd AmeriCorps term at Emma Donnan Middle School with the after school program! This is the first year that an after school program has been available at this school and it's had a wonderful start. Being here has allowed me to reach out to disadvantaged youth and give them opportunities they would never have had before. Students receive snacks and dinner as part of the program which I help distribute. For an hour, they focus on tutoring in math and language arts with dedicated teachers. I organize these groups based on need in subject areas. Then the students have time for enrichment where they choose to take STEM, Robotics, Character Education, Indy Pulse, Service Learning, GEMS, SPARK, and Yearbook. Students go to a different one each day and we plan on adding more options for them. I took on a role as adviser to the yearbook staff and have had fun teaching the students about marketing, advertisement, sales, design, and photography. I have assisted building partnerships with the Boys & Girls Club, Indianapolis Urban League, Roche, Edna Martin Christian Center, Department of Public Words, Indianapolis Museum of Art, and more. I have also built an incentive program where students can be held accountable for their actions. The opportunities are endless for youth and I'm happy to serve them.

I'm thankful for my awesome community project team. We have had fun working together through all the obstacles in our Westlane/Greenbriar area. We have focused on building a community newsletter to spread awareness about local businesses and resources. We are also hoping to build a community mural so the Crooked Creek area can call it their own. We will also be hosting a spring community resource fair in the area. Public Allies has been a wonderful learning experience through serving and trainings.