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Keystone Millersville and Alma Trawick

"Through ICBI training I am learning and understanding the tools and processes that it takes to get things done within my neighborhood." - Alma Trawick

Soon after becoming president of the Keystone Millersville Neighborhood Association, Alma heard about some training for neighborhood residents that was available at INRC and wanted to learn more. When she called INRC she was informed about the Indianapolis Community Building Institute and enrolled immediately.  As Alma began her journey through ICBI she was able to learn new tools that would help cultivate her community building skills.  She also began building powerful relationships with other participants.  Along with participating in ICBI, Alma also worked with her neighborhood to host a Study Circle to engage and give residents the opportunity to have a voice in the community. Alma graduated from ICBO in November of 2007. 

Alma currently serves as Treasurer for the Coalition of Northeast Neighborhoods Weed & Seed (CNN), and joined the Board of United Northeast CDC (UNECDC) in 2007, where she also serves as Treasurer. Alma is also Washington Township Director of the Marion County Alliance of Neighborhood Associations (MCANA). Alma is proud of the many great things happening in the United North East Community, especially the Avondale Meadows development. A dedicated community leader, AND amateur photographer, Alma states, “My life is all about doing what’s needed to make a change in my neighborhood and the city of Indianapolis.”