Scoring Rubric

Attended Technical Assistance Session:        Yes           No
Proposed Project is in Eligible Census Tract and/or Zip Code:       Yes         No

The responses to each of the sections are scaled from 1 to 5:
1: Proposal does not at all reflect the statement
2: Proposal meets some of the statements, but not much information is presented
3: Proposal meets basic parameters of the statement
4: Proposal exceeds basic parameters
5: Proposal entirely reflects the statement

Part II. The project proposes a solid approach to beautify and strengthen neighborhoods and presents a realistic timeline  
Part III. The proposed project will offer opportunities for neighbors and partners to work together and build relationships  
Part IV. The proposal identifies project goals and presents realistic ways to measure those goals  
Part V. The proposal presents a plan to sustain the project and its impact  
Part VI. The proposal presents a realistic budget (provides copy of project estimates/quotes)  
Part VII. Signed Grant Applicant Certification submitted indicates neighborhood, partners, and fiscal agent, if applicable  
BONUS: ICBI Participation (score 0 or 5)  
TOTAL SCORE (35 possible):