Our Supporters

INRC is a proud partner agency of the United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI). INRC also receives support from a variety of private and public funders, including: Lilly Endowment Inc., AmeriCorps, the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, the City of Indianapolis/Department of Metropolitan Development/U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, and Starbucks.


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The Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center appreciates the generous financial support of the following organizations and individuals. In 2016, a generous community provided $855,089 in support of our work with Indianapolis neighborhoods. 

AmeriCorps and Serve Indiana
MacArthur Antigua
Tashianna Avery
Jon Berg
Debarati Bardhan
Tim and Beth Barton
Marie Beason
Stanley B. Bibbs
Jamie R. Britton Blanck
Daniel Bookheim
Michael Bowling
Jeremy Brownlee
David Buchanan
Erin Busk
Elaine Caravello
Mary Chalmers
City of Indianapolis, Department of Metropolitan Development/
     U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
Noah and Jennifer Coffey
Amber Collins
Fae Ehsan
Richard and Judith Essex
Taylor Firestine
Henry and Mary Frommeyer
Marisol Gouveia
Donna J. Graham
Jim Grimes
Kay L. Grimm
Ronald Gyure
Jim Hardee
Megan Harvey
Chuck Heintzelman
Jeff Howell
Sarah Hughes
Jamison Hutchins
Bridget Joyce
Lilly Endowment, Inc.
Sharon Logan
Tracie S. Luna
Nita McCormick
Larry Morris III
The National Bank of Indianapolis
Maury Plambeck
Ryan McCabe Poor
Public Allies
Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust
Vicki Rubio
Rebecca Schafer
Lisa Shipley
Kylee Snyder
Starbucks Foundation
James and Tracy Swearingen
Anne-Marie Taylor
Edgar Tipton
United Way of Central Indiana
Ashlee Weaver

Great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this list.
If you have any questions, please call us at (317) 920-0330.