Neighbor Power Indy 2021 Request for Presentations
about Neighborhood Accomplishments

Please submit by November 16!

Theme:  Community Healing

About Neighbor Power Indy
Neighbor Power Indy has traditionally been a time for neighbors to spend a Saturday together, sharing their stories, meeting new people, and exploring new ideas. NPI 2021 will be virtual, and is planned for March 4-6, 2021. Specific times and dates will be determined based on the number of workshops that are proposed.

We are seeking neighbors like you to share your accomplishments. We need your help to inspire and empower others with your stories. Together, we can make a difference.

Why Should I Share?
• A description of your presentation will be included in Neighbor Power Indy materials.
• You will be part of an impactful program attended by neighborhood residents, community group leaders, business owners, representatives of local nonprofits, corporate and philanthropic partners, and government officials.
• You will have an opportunity to engage virtually with neighbors.

What Should I Share?
This year's theme is Community Healing.

The year 2020 has been a year of adaptation for all of us. The theme, Community Healing, can represent many ideas: individual physical and emotional healing; neighborhood healing from acts of crime and violence; community healing from racial injustice; healing from the damage to the City core; personal healing from the stress of these times; stories of neighbors coming together; healing from the economic hardships many have and are facing, and more.

The Neighbor Power Indy programming committee encourages presenters to share their experiences on the following suggested topics:

· Neighborhood engagement during 2020
· Support of local businesses in your neighborhood and embracing diverse retail establishments
· Keeping youth active and involved
· Engaging new leaders
· The power of informal associations
· Discussing and promoting diversity
· Changing your neighborhood Events
· Supporting isolated, quarantined, and/or high-risk neighbors
· Supporting those who experienced loss in 2020
· Public art
· Public safety
· Any other powerful story that you and your neighbors want to share

How should I share?
• Explain how your experiences are led by grassroots leadership in your community.
• Explain how your experiences include youth participation and leadership.
• Explain how your experiences support progress and change in your community, regardless of whether or not the change is already complete.
• Explain how your experiences can be replicated in other neighborhoods.
• Explain why your experiences are important to your community. What issues, desired changes, or topics have guided your work so far?

How Will It Work?
Presenters will have the opportunity to tell their stories in live or in taped sessions. The workshops/discussions will last 45 minutes. For live sessions, questions and discussion will occur after each presenter has shared their accomplishments.

We encourage you to collaborate with others in your presentation. For example, if you worked with a not-for-profit organization, they may have valuable information to share with neighbors. Panel-type presentations allow for lively discussions among the panelists.

If we receive proposals that are very similar or for the same geographic area, Neighbor Power Indy committee members may introduce you to other partners to consider collaboration.

INRC will develop and manage/facilitate the virtual format and provide links for the presenters and NPI attendees.

What Does Neighbor Power Indy Expect From You?
1. Attend a workshop planning and information meeting, likely virtual, in early 2021, to be determined.
2. Participate in a live, virtual Neighbor Power Indy workshop (March 4-6, 2020) or provide a link to a recorded session to be included in the program.

Proposal Outline
Workshop Information:
1. Workshop title
2. Presenter Name(s)
3. Session Description (Max. 300 words)
4. Session Format – i.e. clinic, moderated session, panel, etc.
5. AV equipment to be used

Contact Information:
1. Name
2. Organization/Neighborhood
3. Address, City, State, Zip
4. Phone
5. Email Address

Proposals must be submitted in the prescribed “Proposal Outline.” Proposals must be received by 5:00 p.m., Monday, November 16, 2020 and can be submitted on-line at, Neighbor Power Indy 2021 Presentation Application, or sent via email to

Important Dates

November 16, 2020                 Proposal Submissions Due
December 11, 2020                  Presenters Finalized and Notified
January/February, 2021 TBD Presenter Orientation
February 26, 2021                     Submit recorded presentation, if applicable
March 4-6, 2021                        Neighbor Power Indy