Neighborhood Grant Application

Please review the timeline and eligibility for this grants program. Applicants may request grants from $2,500 to $10,000. Applicants must provide proper documentation of project expenditures greater than or equal to the amount requested.

Appropriate supporting documents include:

  • Letters of support or partnership
  • Documentation of any donations to support the project

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete this application form in one sitting. It cannot be saved for you to return to later. You can download the entire application packet (including references and sample documents) here.  

Download the application template with the questions only here. *

Part I. Organizational Information
( ) -
Part II. Project Description and Timeline
Part III. Project Partners
Part IV. Proposed Results
Part V. Sustainability
Part VI. Proposed Budget
Which neighborhood representative will oversee the use of funds, keep track of the expenses, and submit a financial report including all receipts?
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Part VII. Certification
Fiscal Agent (if Applicable)
Leadership Development Programs
Supporting Documentation (please submit all attachments in Word, pdf, or excel format)