INRC's Impact

At INRC, we believe that the best ideas come from within a community who’s gifts, talents, and skills are unleashed and transformed into sustainable, long term changes. Advancing leadership in neighborhoods and neighborhood-based organizations ultimately results in successful revitalization efforts. INRC carries this out through highlighting each community’s strengths, while also creating a structure for transformation to match. By providing training and support throughout Marion County, the INRC helps community members assume leadership roles so they can be in a position to address their own concerns.

This conviction that citizens are at the core of sustainable community development is what makes the INRC so unique.

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INRC's impact has a wide reach in Indianapolis community.

INRC 2017 Impact Report
We are pleased to share our 2017 impact report and highlights of our programs. Let us know if you have any questions or would like additional information at 317.920.0330 or