ICBI Alumni Network

What Makes ICBI Invaluable?

The Indianapolis Community Building Institute (ICBI) provides an opportunity for engaged individuals to come together and discuss common goals. Participants understand & develop skills needed to make a difference in our communities. From meetings with the next generation of leaders to discussions about real life issues, ICBI encourages participants to ask tough questions.

ICBI Graduate Stories

"As a graduate of your (ICBI) pilot program, I have to say again how honored I am that you chose Otterbein as one of the neighborhoods. Not only did I get to know a couple other neighborhoods a little more intimately but you armed me with so much great info to become a better leader for my neighborhood. You had so many great teachers, the food was delicious, and you gave me a great binder of material to always refresh my leadership skills. I will always be grateful for this opportunity and I hold INRC very high. You truly are neighborhood minded!" - Tim Barton, Otterbein Neighborhood Association

"The training at INRC is so valuable to the growth of Indianapolis. I connected with so many leaders throughout the city. I am excited to use all of the skill sets I've learned." – Cynthia Hooks, Kennedy-King Neighborhood Association

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Thank you to Old National Bank and the City of Indianapolis for their sponsorship of the Indianapolis Community Building Institute!