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What is the relationship between INRC and Public Allies (PA)?

INRC is the Operating Partner for Public Allies Indianapolis. Through this partnership INRC has with the national Public Allies office, Public Allies operates as an INRC program. Public Allies Indianapolis is one of 24 sites of Public Allies sites across the country. INRC receives AmeriCorps funding from the Corporation for National Community Services that specifically supports the AmeriCorps Public Allies Indianapolis program.

INRC’s focus on developing community assets, encouraging diverse indigenous leadership, promoting collaboration, facilitating learning, and serving with integrity create the foundation for the Public Allies Indianapolis program. Public Allies’ asset-based approach to leadership has created pathways for young people to engage in their communities, and has helped communities and organizations tap the energy, passion, and perspectives of a new generation, and allows INRC to engage with not-for-profit organizations. 

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