Resident leadership is the core element of community-based work. Engaging residents in meaningful relationships as owners, leaders, implementers and experts throughout the community change process means building on where the energy of the community is found. 

Leadership Development and Capacity Building

Our work is in building the capacity of neighbors to drive and sustain neighborhood change. Providing opportunities for increased knowledge and skill development for resident leaders claim their power to own the work and are able to understand the roles of the public and private sectors and local organizations. Neighbors are then emboldened to join the effort of implementing processes and plans that will transform their communities into healthy neighborhoods.


INRC envisions a City of connected neighborhoods where residents know their neighbors and relationships are open and constructive.  Neighborhoods are locally sustainable, diverse in nature, and have a rich quality of life due to the collective gifts, talents, and dreams of the residents.  Neighbors know how to access resources to create their own visions of a healthy neighborhood and are invested in that vision.  This investment in neighborhoods allows the City of Indianapolis to become increasingly vibrant and attractive.