In early March, INRC convened one of the last large-scale events in the City. We were only on the brink of worry regarding COVID-19 as hundreds of our neighbors and partners gathered for the 9th Neighbor Power Indy. Armed with hand sanitizer and phone cleaners, we greeted each other with fist bumps, the “Indy elbow”, and toe touches in an effort to not spread germs.

We are now in the midst of a new normal, where the activities we may have taken for granted are not currently accessible. Dinners with friends, school, concerts, face-to-face meetings. We are learning to operate remotely, and we are also learning that some of our systems were not prepared for these types of changes.

Although we are on a roller coaster of unknowns, one thing remains certain: People are still the most valuable resource in our communities. During this time of isolation, it is more important than ever that we are finding new and inventive ways to stay connected. We are also learning how important it is to take care of ourselves, and to look out even more for our neighbors.

We have no choice but to come out stronger on the other side of this, and we are confident that Indianapolis will do just that. Let this be the moment that ingenuity and humanity shines – where neighbors and communities look out for each other and showcase a level of resiliency that helps maintain and improve our quality of life. 

Remember. Conversations will not be cancelled. Relationships will not be cancelled. Love will not be cancelled. Hope will not be cancelled. May we continue to lean into the good stuff that remains, now and always. INRC will continue to share information about resources and creative ways neighbors are staying connected during this time.

We are all working remotely, but we are still working! Please reach out with any questions, ideas, hellos, to us at

Be well, stay safe, and keep in touch, neighbors!!

- Ashlee Weaver, Director of Engagement


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