Empowered Leaders

Creating Change, Neighbor By Neighbor

We all have the power to create change in our community – this belief ignites our movement to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods and the entire City of Indianapolis. The power of one person can fuel the change we wish to see – whether it’s a one-time neighborhood clean-up or a year-long community-driven program.

INRC helps residents claim their community power by showing neighbors how to engage, organize, mobilize, collaborate, and co-create with each other. Empowered residents join neighborhood associations, create community gardens, volunteer in local schools, plan block parties, weaving the fabric of a connected society, while fostering skills and talents in others. 


Stronger Communities

Lively Neighborhoods Make The Difference

Neighborhoods are not just a collection of houses – they are unique places filled with life: from friendly faces at the library or community center, to the whirr of after-school activity at parks and playgrounds, to local businesses where everyone knows your first name. All of these assets can be harnessed to strengthen our communities, from schools, to housing, public health, and more.

A stronger community knows its history – of long-time residents, buildings, and natural resources. A stronger community converts crumbling lanes into flowering medians, and creates public gathering spaces for neighbors to socialize during warm summer evenings. A stronger community builds access to sidewalks and trails, emphasizes revitalizing development, and sees parks in underused land. A stronger community comes together to make a difference.


A Better City

Building A Future We Can Be Proud Of

Our vision of the future is one where everyone plays an important part. When empowered leaders build strong communities, and strong communities begin to connect, collaborate, and lift-up surrounding neighborhoods – we create A Better City for all of Indianapolis.

A Better City is sustainable – it is healthy and vibrant, proud of its art and culture, connected by working infrastructure and accessible transportation, and full of families, businesses, and schools that contribute to the community. A Better City is diverse – its residents and leaders are inclusive and welcoming, connecting across cultures to facilitate collaborative action and address pressing community challenges. And, a Better City improves the quality of life for all residents – from affordable housing, to high-quality education, to a collective sense of place that makes each one of us proud.

National Neighborhoods of the Year.